Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology


Library Rules

Opening hours

During the semester:During term breaks:
Mon-Thur9-18 Mon-Fri9-17

Short-notice changes of opening times etc. are noted both on the entrance doors to the library as well as on the department’s website ( under ‘Library’.

Library Purpose

The library of the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology makes anthropological literature available to both students and the general public. The library is part of the IDS network (Information network of German-speaking Switzerland). The extensive collection that is available at the library (22,000 titles) includes textbooks, scientific books, encyclopaedia, journals (over 100 titles) and some CD-ROMs and DVDs. All items are listed in the electronic catalogue.

Work spaces and Infrastructure

The library has some 30 work spaces including 15 work spaces for laptop users as well as 3 photocopy machines. Copy cards worth 20 Swiss francs may be purchased at the counter.

Rules of conduct

No smoking or eating is permitted in the library. Please be quiet in all areas of the library. Please do switch off your mobile phone.

Entitlement to use the library. Library cards

n order for you to borrow items you must have a library card. Once you have provided us with valid proof of identity, we will issue your library card free of charge. Student cards are accepted as valid proof of identity. Users have access to all information kept about them via the online catalogue at all times. This information may be used by any library belonging to the IDS network (Information network of German-speaking Switzerland). If users drastically breach library rules, the department’s librarians are entitled to inform other libraries about the breach of conduct.
Registration as a library user implies the acceptance of the library rules. If your address changes or if you lose your library card, please inform the librarians immediately. The issuing of a new library card is free of charge.


Users are fully responsible for items borrowed from or used in the library. It is not permitted to apply marks or any other kind of notes to any of the library’s items. If you notice existing damage to an item or missing parts please notify library staff. Lost or damaged items are replaced at the user’s cost including replacement or handling fees. If the user replaces the item him-/herself, no further fees will be charged.

Borrowing rules

A maximum of 20 items may be borrowed at a time. Journals and encyclopaedia may not be borrowed.

Length of loans

Items may be borrowed for 28 days. Unless there is a reservation by another user on an item, the loan is automatically extended by 28 days twice. Thereafter, you may extend the loan manually three times via the online-catalogue. The maximum length of a loan thus amounts to a total of 168 days. Users are obliged to bring items back immediately if there are being asked to do so. Items that are part of the ‘Handapparate’ may not be borrowed nor removed from the ‘Handapparate’ section.


Users can make online reservations on specific items. This is possible both with regard to items that are already borrowed by someone else or items that are not presently borrowed. If you so wish, books will be sent to you by post for a fee of 12 Swiss francs per book. For private customers or libraries, copies are made for a fee of 8 Swiss francs per 20 A4-pages; for companies copies cost 12 Swiss francs per 20 A4-pages.


Reminders are sent free of charge (by e-mail or post) one day after the end of the loan.

Users who fail to react to reminders within a week are charged with the following fees for each item:

First reminder10 Swiss francs
Second reminder 20 Swiss francs
Third reminder 35 Swiss francs

The third reminder is sent by registered mail and the user is temporarily not allowed to borrow any further items.


Lockers may be used for a maximum of 84 day but this period may be extended. It is possible to make a reservation to get access to a locker. Reminders are handled as noted above. If you lose the key to your locker, you are charged 35 Swiss francs.

Breach of rules

Breach of rules are handled according to the rules as set out by the University of Zurich.

Zurich, January 2013